Acne Treatments


Introduction to Acne Treatment

Are you embarrassed by acne? Although acne is a common facial condition wherein the skin’s hair follicles clog with sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt, many people find persistent acne severely affects their self-esteem and feelings about their appearance.

Various types of acne include whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and pimples. We discuss how acne treatments can help you regain self-confidence, whether you have acne, and what treatment involves.

Acne tends to begin in adolescence due to hormonal changes, causing the sebaceous glands to create more sebum (oil produced by your oil glands). It may continue to adulthood and be triggered when stress/anxiety is experienced. Some medications, monthly hormone changes, or oil-based products contribute to breakouts.

Genetics plays a role in the development of acne. Sometimes it will disappear on its own. However, if you avoid treatment, it may become more severe. This can lead to the formation of permanent scars. Therefore, gaining early control of acne is beneficial.

Common Types of Acne

There are four different types of acne. While most people associate black and whiteheads with this skin issue, they can also form pustules and papules if they become inflamed. While it is tempting to squeeze out the pus, please refrain from doing so, as you can introduce more bacteria or cause permanent scarring.

  • Blackheads: These involve basic acne that is open at your skin’s surface. They contain dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt. Melanin, oxidized by the air, turns the oil and dead skin to a blackish colour.
  • Whiteheads: Whiteheads are closed at the surface. They contain skin cells and oil buildup, preventing the hair follicle from opening. Since it does not receive air exposure, it remains white.
  • Papules: Papules are inflamed comedones. They look like tiny pink or red skin bumps. Having many of them can indicate you have moderate to severe acne.
  • Pustules: These are inflamed pimples. They look like a whitehead with a red ring encircling them. The bump contains yellow or white pus.

Causes of Acne

Acne is a common problem throughout adolescence. Despite common perception, it is not caused by an improper diet or poor hygiene. As mentioned, acne usually has a genetic cause. Although it tends to resolve itself, it can persist when several triggers present themselves. Then, it can become a significant issue.

When it presents in the teenage years, it is due to hormone changes. During puberty, the sebaceous glands, in this case, produce too much oil (sebum). The pore’s surface opening becomes blocked. This blockage results in black or whiteheads, depending on whether closed or opened.

Fatty acids found in clogged oil glands can become infected with bacteria if opened or if they are living on the skin’s surface. This leads to painful cysts and pustules.

Sleep deprivation, hormonal changes before and after your menstrual cycle, incorrect makeup or sunscreen, hot environments, or tight headwear or clothing can cause symptoms to worsen.

Acne Treatment Elite Medspa in Oakville

The treatment provided to you will be determined by your current medical condition. Minor to moderate acne, like blackheads or whiteheads, is easily curable.

However, treatments can be more in-depth for severe acne like inflammatory or cystic (one or more large, painful red cysts residing under the skin’s surface).

A variety of skin treatments are available at Elite Medspa. They provide a great way to renew your skin and give it a healthier, acne-free appearance. Our facial treatments foster skin cell regeneration while refining your pores. This process improves your appearance and smooths the texture of your skin.

We offer the following acne treatments:

Chemical Peel

This involves applying a topical treatment to improve the tone and texture of the face. Its acidic formula lowers the skin’s pH level, loosening dead skin cells. It stimulates new cell growth and induces exfoliation.

IPL Photofacial Therapy

IPL Photofacial contains a dual-light treatment. It heals existing inflammation caused by acne while eliminating bacteria. This treatment works to stop future breakouts. It produces healthier-looking, smoother skin. IPL Photofacial treats both visible acne symptoms and underlying causes.

Isolaz Acne Treatment

This procedure is a Dermatologist-recommended laser resurfacing treatment. It treats scarring and acne, controls inflammation and oil, and soothes redness. Isolaz also works to prevent acne scars. It is used to treat mild to moderate acne/acne scarring.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels improve your appearance by generating cellular renewal. It removes dead skin cells found at the top layer of the skin with a chemical solution. This permits the regeneration of new, healthy, smoother skin.


Microneedling involves stimulating the body’s natural collagen production to refresh skin plagued by acne scarring. The procedure is semi-invasive and has been successfully conducted for decades.


This non-invasive technique mechanically exfoliates acne using corundum crystals to remove dead skin cells. In turn, this stimulates healthy cell growth. It improves textural issues, improves skin tone, and may reduce acne/acne scarring.

Advantages of Acne Treatment

There are many advantages to receiving acne treatment. Acne can make a person self-conscious, and over-the-counter remedies aren’t always effective at eliminating the issue. This is when it may be wise to seek treatment to deal with the problem once and for all.

The benefits of treatment are the following:

  • Provides Clear and Glowing Skin: By removing dead skin cells resting on the skin’s surface and opening pores, these treatments make the skin look healthier.
It works to minimize pores providing for a clearer complexion.
  • Removes Swelling and Redness: Eliminating the buildup of trapped excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt from the skin helps to eliminate the redness and swelling associated with acne.
Pores are cleansed and can resume normal function while significantly reducing acne irritation.
  • Improves Skin Cell Production: Dead skin cells trapped beneath the skin’s surface can dull your appearance.
Exfoliation treatments are designed to remove this layer of dead skin and rejuvenate new growth. This provides a healthier, radiant look to the skin and eliminates acne.
  • Eliminates Scars: Scars can occur in two ways. The first is if acne continues into adulthood and/or is triggered by stressors. The second cause is the result of continually “popping” existing acne, never allowing it to regenerate new skin cells properly.
Treatments stimulate new cell growth, filling in existing scarring and promoting the healing process.
All treatments are designed with a common goal: to remove excess underlying oil/skin cells and stimulate new growth. While each treatment is subtly different and is used for different situations, they all contain this core goal.