Does the mirror make you feel older than you are? Are you tired of seeing sagging, wrinkled, ageing skin? Is your skin unbalanced or blemished with scarring and discolourations?

If you said yes to any of these questions, Potenza RF microneedling might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.


Potenza microneedling, or radiofrequency microneedling, is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that targets the look of fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates saggy, pigmented, and scarred skin.

This innovative technology pairs ultrafine needles and LED lights that emit RF waves to create the thermal energy (heat) needed to refresh, restore, and renew problem skin by promoting your body’s natural elastin and collagen.

The results? Younger looking, smoother, firmer skin.


You may be a good candidate for Potenza treatment if you are looking to correct:

  • Fine lines, such as laugh lines, frown lines, crow’s feet or any other facial creases
  • Moderate to severe wrinkles caused by age
  • Unbalanced tone and texture of skin
  • Sun damage
  • Blemishes and acne scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Loose, saggy skin
  • Vascular issues
  • Redness or pigmentation concerns
  • Loss of collagen
  • Loss of facial volume (hollowing)

The good news is Potenza microneedling treatment does not discriminate. It can be safely used:

  • At any age
  • For any gender
  • On any skin type, texture, or tone
  • On almost any area of the body
  • At any time of the year

Therefore most people are candidates, but at Elite Medical Spa, we will further evaluate your health, skin concerns, and goals to see if you meet the criteria for candidacy.

How Potenza Microneedling Treatment Works

At Elite Medspa, you and your skin are in great hands. Our highly educated and certified medical aestheticians are up to date on the latest research and innovations in the skincare world, including Potenza Microneedling Treatment.

The process of Potenza RF microneedling uses science and technology to change the tone, texture, and tension of your problem skin.


Before treatment at our luxury medical spa, you will meet with one of our team members to discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations. We discuss your past and current health history and decide if you are an ideal candidate for care.

If we decide that Potenza microneedling is an appropriate avenue for your skin care goals, we will set you up in our comfortable and relaxing spa atmosphere for your treatment. You’ll lay back and relax as we prepare your skin for treatment.


The area will be cleansed, and a topical numbing agent will be applied if desired. If you select the numbing cream for pain control, it will be applied 20-30 minutes before treatment, as it requires time.

Remember, pain is minimal and described more as an irritation, stinging or burning than pain, but we offer this service to help minimize any discomfort.

When ready, ultrafine needles will penetrate the top layers of skin and radio frequency will be applied to the target area to heat the skin, causing controlled damage, triggering the body’s natural healing response and stimulating increased production of collagen and elastin; the fibres responsible for the strength and stretch of your skin.

The treatment time generally takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the area size and the skin issues’ complexity.


After treatment, you may notice some redness, pain, and swelling for 24-48 hours, but downtime is minimal, and you’ll be ready to jump back into your daily activities in no time at all.

Our skin care experts will educate you on aftercare and curate a treatment package with follow-up visits to best address your condition. In most cases, patients require 3-4 Potenza treatment sessions for best results. We will typically schedule them in six-week increments, giving the treatment time to take effect in between.

While you’ll see some of the initial effects after about a week, it is important to note that real results take time and have long-lasting effects.

In 3-6 months, you’ll see the changes in the rebuilt collagen and elastin fibres; look forward to younger-looking, younger-acting, tighter, brighter and firmer skin.

Results will last about five years, with increased longevity with additional care.

Maintenance is recommended annually to maintain desired effects.

Benefits of Potenza treatment

Look forward to brighter and tighter skin, along with these benefits:

  • Decreased lines and wrinkles
  • Smoother skin
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Firmer skin
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Decreased appearance of stretch marks, scarring, and sun damage
  • Smaller pores
  • Balanced texture and tone
  • Reduction of acne and blemishes
  • A healthy, glowing complexion


Whether you’re younger and looking for clearer skin or older and looking for renewed, youthful-looking skin, Elite Medspa has you covered.

With our convenient Oakville location, certified medical spa team, and a multitude of rejuvenating services, Elite Medspa is a top choice for all your skin care needs. Contact us for a consultation for Potenza RF microneedling or any of the other available medical spa services.