Introduction to Dysport

Welcome to Dysport, a “natural-looking, fast-acting, long-lasting” injectable prescription solution for the frown lines between your eyebrows.

Reduce deep glabellar creases with the use of a neurotoxin type A botulinum toxin, called abobotulinumtoxin A, which aims to reduce muscle activity, prevent recurrent muscle contractions, and relax the target muscles giving your face a smoother, softer, and younger-looking appearance in only three days.

Dysport treatment has been approved in over 60 countries with more than two decades of clinical experience and almost a 100% satisfaction rate within the surveyed sample.

If you want to rid yourself of unwanted frown lines but maintain a natural look with functional expression and movement, Dysport treatment may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose Dysport Injections?

Intended for patients under 65, Dysport injections target moderate to severe lines between your eyebrows (known as the glabella) accumulated from years of frowning and squinting. It is a painless procedure completed in 10-20 minutes, right here in our luxury medspa, by one of our certified professionals.

You can look forward to fast-acting results, as the changes become visible within 2 to 3 days post-treatment. Enjoy up to 5 months of smoother skin and a softer, more approachable-looking demeanour.

Furthermore, repeat treatments are only required twice annually, saving you both time and money while preventing wrinkles and helping you look your best.

How Cosmetic Dysport Treatment Works

Dysport treatment is one of many neuromodulator injectables that utilize botulinum toxin varietals to temporarily reduce muscle movement, preventing contractions and relaxing the muscular injection site to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

When the muscles relax, the skin softens and smooths, giving your skin a more youthful glow for up to 5 months. If treatment is not repeated, the product slowly wears off, returning your facial creases to their original state.

Is Dysport better than Botox?

It is important to note that Dysport is not better, but rather different from Botox.

While they both use botulinum toxins to achieve their effects, they use a different type to achieve similar yet distinct goals.

While Botox is used to treat a multitude of moderate to severe facial lines, Dysport injections are specifically used to correct glabellar lines.

Both treatments are done in our spa setting in under half an hour for the whole procedure. Both require minimal downtime and a quick return to daily activities.

Both are relatively painless and offer long-lasting results.

Where Dysport treatment differs is the speed at which results are visible. In as few as two days, you will see softer-looking skin at the five points of injection on the forehead. This is a great option when you are looking for a quick turnaround time or in preparation for a big event,

Benefits of Dysport Treatment

Dysport injection treatment is a solution for moderate to severe glabellar wrinkles, so the primary benefit is smoother, younger, softer-looking skin.

Some additional advantages include:


Because Dysport is a non-invasive, non-surgical solution, you can conveniently seek treatment without long wait times in the comfort of our modern spa. With little preparation and no downtime, Dysport injections make for a quick and easy wrinkle solution.


Dysport has been studied and researched to account for health and safety. It is a safe procedure when performed by a certified professional. Some common side effects include injection site pain, headache, and inflammation.

Still, the good news is that these are limited, and other side effects rarely occur (nausea, eyelid drooping, breathing trouble, incontinence, and muscle spasm).

All risk factors and safety information can be found on the Dysport website for patient education, and you can discuss any concerns you have with one of the experts at Elite medspa.


Dysport treatment can range in price between $300 and $500 dollars on average, but the cost will vary depending on the severity of lines and units required. It is still less costly than surgical options, with less downtime.


Studies show over 80% success rates in temporarily treating moderate to severe glabellar wrinkles. 97% of patients reported that they would repeat the process when asked in a post-treatment study.


If you want to remove the deep creases on your forehead that tend to make you look angry, tired, and stressed out, ask us at Oakville’s Elite Medspa if Dysport injections are the right treatment option for you. Meet our friendly and professional spa team, waiting to enhance your natural beauty with a few tips, tricks, and treatments along the way.

Enjoy our clean environment, certified aestheticians and a multitude of medical spa services to help you achieve the revitalized look you’ve been waiting for.