If your frown lines make you feel less insecure about your appearance, it’s time to discover Xeomin. This FDA-approved and clinically proven neurotoxin helps reduce the look of forehead lines and crow’s feet with a quick, easy, and painless procedure.

Xeomin is “a smart toxin with a double-filtered formula that removes unnecessary proteins, so you get only what’s needed for smoother frown lines, treatment after treatment.”

It is a prescription medication injected as a Xeomin vial into the muscle to reduce the ageing look of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adults over 18 years of age.
Xeomin cosmetics is part of the same group of injectable neuromodulators that use botulinum toxin variants to limit muscle contraction and create smoother-looking skin.

Xeomin injections use incobotulinumtoxinA in a pure, technologically advanced formula that produces subtle and consistent results, time after time.

Why consider Xeomin treatment?

If you look in the mirror and see frown lines that make your face constantly portray looks of anger, stress and frustration, then Xeomin Botox treatment might be right for you.

Xeomin injections target dynamic wrinkles in the glabellar region.

Dynamic wrinkles are facial creases caused by repetitive movements and expressions. They appear with happiness, sorrow, fear, anxiety, surprise and worry alike. These wrinkles appear with animation, give character to the face, and then retract when the expression is over. Over time, these wrinkles leave deepened lines and can make your face look older than you are.

Xeomin injections target dynamic wrinkles by signalling to relax the muscle and soften the face leaving behind smoother skin, treatment after treatment.

Who is the Ideal Candidate For Xeomin?

You may be an ideal candidate for Xeomin botox if you suffer from moderate to severe frown lines, horizontal forehead creases, and/or crow’s feet around the edge of the eyes.

You must be in good health, not pregnant or nursing, and have no underlying neuromuscular conditions, sensitivity, or allergy to botulinum toxin.

How Xeomin Injections are Performed

At Elite Medspa, your Xeomin cosmetic injection treatment will be tailored to suit your cosmetic facial goals. You will receive a personalized consultation with one of our certified spa staff. We will discuss your health history, skincare goals, budget, and expectations and prepare a unique treatment plan.

Next, we will select the Xeomin vials necessary to complete your procedure.

We will cleanse the area, ice or numb the injection site when appropriate, and inject a series of ultrafine needles to start the Xeomin treatment process.

It will take a matter of minutes (10-20) for a typical Xeomin Botox session.

You may experience some common side effects following the Xeomin cosmetic treatment, including discomfort or irritation, redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site. There is no downtime, but some suggested instructions following the procedure that your specialist will inform you of.

Within 3 or 4 days, you should start to see visible results lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Benefits Of Xeomin Treatments

The principal benefit of Xeomin vial injections is smoother-looking skin. Some additional advantages include:

  • Non-invasive and Non-Surgical treatment
  • Painless process
  • Low risk of complications
  • Quick procedure, with quick results
  • Long-lasting effect

What is the difference between BOTOX vs Xeomin?

Botox and Xeomin are both neuromodulators from the Botulinum Toxin Type A drug class. They use variants of the toxin, IncobotulinumtoxinA (Xeomin) and OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox).

They are approved for the use of adults aged 18 and up and aim to improve fine lines and moderate to severe wrinkles in select locations. While Xeomin targets the forehead primarily, botox addresses additional neck and facial areas.

Both have therapeutic applications as well as cosmetic uses.

Both require repeat treatments or the pre-injection lines and wrinkles will slowly start to return.


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Xeomin Botox is only one of many available treatment types to target fine lines and moderate to severe wrinkles. We invite you to come in and meet with our friendly team to find out which treatment would best suit your needs.